ahkpersonal all-purpose AutoHotKey script Git3 weeks
alpineuseful scripts for Alpine Linux Git4 months
combmodular weblog/website engine Git8 weeks
cpan/Apache-InjectApache directive for injecting HTML headers and footers Git9 days
cpan/List-Gather-Simplesimple implementation of gather/take for Perl 5 Git3 days
drmdynamic resolution manager for Windows Git4 weeks
efalternative UNIX (line) editor Git4 months
emlimited hypertext markup language Git3 months
git-saveradical alternative to git-commit Git7 months
lstdmenu-like tool for the console Git6 months
mhttroff-like text preprocessor with HTML output Git5 months
mscscraping tools for music web services Git5 months
pcUNIX podcast tools Git5 months
perlisdeadsource of Git17 hours
plan9various Plan 9 scripts Git3 months
rfalternative reference system for (t)roff Git4 months
runC pseudo-interpreter for Windows Git6 months
teatroff editor for ANSI terminals Git6 months
ttsource code organization and literate programming tool Git6 months
typUNIX typing speed utility Git5 months
watchtool for streaming YouTube videos in MPC-HC Git6 months
webweb scraping tools Git
windowsuseful tools for Windows Git6 months
xutilextra UNIX utilities Git5 days