ef.gitalternative UNIX (line) editor Git10 days
rf.gitalternative reference system for (t)roff Git12 days
ahk.gitpersonal all-purpose AutoHotKey script Git3 weeks
typ.gitUNIX typing speed utility Git5 weeks
mht.gittroff-like text preprocessor with HTML output Git5 weeks
pc.gitUNIX podcast tools Git6 weeks
msc.gitscraping tools for music web services Git7 weeks
xutil.gitextra UNIX utilities Git8 weeks
alpine.gituseful scripts for Alpine Linux Git8 weeks
windows.gituseful tools for Windows Git8 weeks
tea.gittroff editor for ANSI terminals Git2 months
lst.gitdmenu-like tool for the console Git2 months
run.gitC pseudo-interpreter for Windows Git2 months
watch.gittool for streaming YouTube videos in MPC-HC Git3 months
tt.gitsource code organization and literate programming tool Git3 months
drm.gitdynamic resolution manager for Windows Git3 months
git-save.gitradical alternative to git-commit Git3 months
web.gitweb scraping tools Git