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+<p>This is my personal all-purpose AutoHotKey script. I try to keep everything in a single script, as I don't want too many tray icons. The script is organized in the following way:</p><ul><li>The overall template is found in <i>scripts.ahk</i>.</li><li>The various pieces of functionality are stored in files beginning with <i>tt.</i> and ending with <i>.ahk</i>.</li></ul><p>For example, <i>tt.windows.ahk</i> contains various hotkeys and functions for window management. Some files, like <i>tt.doubleclick.ahk</i>, only contain functions, which are referenced in other files. In general, I've tried to organize the code in such a way that each file speaks for itself. Some files are documented well, others less so.</p><p>All pieces are tangled together using <a href="/tt.git">tt</a>, my personal literate programming tool.</p> \ No newline at end of file