JWM is an X11 window manager created by Joe Wing.  The version in
this repository is a fork of JWM 1.8, maintained by John Ankarstr\xf6m

See LICENSE for license information.

> Functionality
JWM 1.8 was originally released in 2006.  As such, some of the code
is outdated.  For example, bi-directional text support is currently
broken.  That means you must pass --disable-fribidi to configure.

> Requirements
To build JWM you will need a C compiler (gcc works), X11, and the
"development headers" for X11 and Xlib.
If available and not disabled at compile time, JWM will also use
the following libraries:
	libfribidi for bi-directional text support (broken).
	libXext for the shape extension.
	libXext for the render extension.
	libXinerama for multiple head support.
	libXpm for XPM icons.
	libpng for PNG icons.
	libxft for antialiased and true type fonts.

> Installation
Run "./configure --help" for configuration options.
Run "./configure [options]"
Run "make" to build JWM.
Run "make install" to install JWM.

As bi-directional text support is currently broken, you should pass
the following flag to configure:

	./configure --disable-fribidi

If you're installing on NetBSD, you might want to pass the following
flag to configure:

	./configure --mandir=\$PREFIX/man

as the default mandir is $PREFIX/share/man.

For more information about JWM, see http://joewing.net