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install hwrap mht /usr/local/bin/
+ install -m 644 mht.1 /usr/share/man/man1/
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+.Dd $Mdocdate$
+.Dt mht 1
+.Nm mht
+.Nd troff for HTML
+.Op Ar file
+is a utility that generates HTML from
+.Xr troff 1
+source code.
+is named like a troff macro package and uses troff syntax, it is a standalone utility that does not use troff itself.
+As such, it supports only a subset of the standard troff requests.
+This section describes the various types of requests supported by
+.Nm .
+On the left side are the name and arity of each request, separated by a slash.
+On the right side is the HTML expansion of each request.
+In the HTML expansion of all element requests, a backslash and a dollar sign followed by a number (e.g. \\$1) signify a parameter expansion.
+In block element requests, a percent sign (%) signifies the lines following the request until the next block element request.
+Finally, in contiguous element requests, whatever text is on the outside of the area delimited by braces ({...}) is removed when two of the same contiguous element requests are placed next to one another.
+.Ss Standard troff requests
+.Bl -tag
+.It Sy \&br/0
+.Ss Contiguous element requests
+.Bl -tag
+.It Sy \&Qp/0
+.Ss Block element requests
+.Bl -tag
+.It Sy \&Pp/0
+.It Sy \&Pr/0
+.It Sy \&Sh/0
+.It Sy \&Sh/1
+.It Sy \&Ti/0
+.Ss Inline element requests
+.Bl -tag
+.It Sy \&Au/1
+<meta name="author" content="\\$1"/>
+.It Sy \&Bd/1
+.It Sy \&Bd/2
+.It Sy \&Bd/3
+.It Sy \&br/0
+.It Sy \&Cd/1
+.It Sy \&Cd/2
+.It Sy \&Cd/3
+.It Sy \&Cs/1
+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=\\$1"/>
+.It Sy \&Em/1
+.It Sy \&Em/2
+.It Sy \&Em/3
+.It Sy \&Hy/2
+<a href="\\$2">\\$1</a>
+.It Sy \&Im/2
+<img src="\\$1" alt="\\$2"/>
+.It Sy \&It/1
+.It Sy \&It/2
+.It Sy \&It/3
+.It Sy \&St/1
+.It Sy \&St/2
+.It Sy \&St/3
+.It Sy \&Tt/1
+.It Sy \&Tt/2
+.It Sy \&Tt/3
+.It Sy \&Ul/1
+.It Sy \&Ul/2
+.It Sy \&Ul/3
+is written by John Ankarström
+.Aq Mt john (at) ankarstrom.se .