AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-10ref.tmac: Remove invalid tabsHEADmasterJohn Ankarström
2021-07-10Rename project to refJohn Ankarström
2021-06-04re.tmac: Remove footer adjustmentJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-04re.tmac: Fix text spacing bug, add Td (text distance) registerJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03re.tmac: Add Rr (reset) macro, Tl (text line length) registerJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03re.tmac: Fix spacing between text portionsJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03re.tmac: Reset with LP after source codeJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03re: Chomp lines before matching themJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03re.tmac: Remove unnecessary(?) spaceJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-03re.tmac: Fix spacing bugJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re: Account for missing indentationJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re: Improve wrappingJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re.tmac: Ignore space before text portionJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re.tmac: Add comments, configurable optionsJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re: Wrap lines longer than 60 charactersJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re: Handle backslashes and leading periodJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re.tmac: Handle page breaksJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02re.tmac: Fix spacing after long textJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02Add re.tmacJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02Format troff/ms outputJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02Output Sr/Se (source/end of source) macrosJohn Ankarstr\xf6m
2021-06-02First commitJohn Ankarstr\xf6m