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@@ -233,24 +233,24 @@ of the authors, you can use the special
syntax, with an uppercase instead of lowercase
.Sq a .
-.Ss Special backslash behavior
-.Bl -enum
-A backslash at the end of a format line acts as a line continuation marker.
-The newline after the backslash is preserved.
-For format macros describing citations, a backslash immediately following the macro name will cause the reference be joined to the preceding line.
+.Ss Multiple lines
+If no argument is given to a format macro, then
+will read the format specification from the following lines until a line containing
+.Sq ..
+is encountered, signifying the end of the multi-line format specification.
-Anywhere else in the line, backslashes are preserved literally.
+Within a multi-line format spefication, use the escapes \\$2 and \\$3
+to interpolate (respectively) any suffix and prefix given to the citation macro.
-By using backslashes, you can implement footnote-based citations.
-For example, using the ms macro package:
+For example, the following multi-line format specification implements footnote references:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
-\&.Fx\\ \\**\\
-%a, {\\fI%t\\fR}, {\\*Q%q\\*U}, %y.\\
+%a, {\\fI%t\\fR}, {\\*Q%q\\*U}, %y.
.Ss Automatic cleanup
@@ -311,7 +311,6 @@ will output the following source code:
Previous work