AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-13implement naive 'or' interpolationorJohn Ankarström
2020-11-13add field m (misc)John Ankarström
2020-11-13change punctuation strippingJohn Ankarström
2020-11-13fix error in weak match warningJohn Ankarström
2020-11-12remove potential double period after author's intialJohn Ankarström
2020-11-12change terminologyJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11keep double-spacing when formatting, improve manualJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11fix punctuation bug, improve weak match warningJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11fix spacing bugJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11remove whitespaceJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11do three passes, improve some other stuffJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11remove extra line before reflist entryJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11fix bug where last line was not printedJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11add backslash escaping, auto-remove more punctuationJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11add example document to manualJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11clarify manualJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11fix '' and reflist bugsJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11add nbsp to table in manualJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11Merge branch 'master' of ankarstrom.se:/git/rfJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11add performance info to manualJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11fix alt inline ref bugJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11fix weak match warningJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11add Makefile, remove .pl extensionJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11fix format bugJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11add manualJohn Ankarström
2020-11-11polishJohn Ankarström
2020-11-10support multiple authors; show full names in reflistJohn Ankarström
2020-11-10rewrite in perlJohn Ankarström
2020-11-10first commitJohn Ankarström